Skin Care

Skin Care, it can be confusing choosing the best for you, but check out my blog on what I use for the perfect skin!

A few things I wanted to talk about in regards to Skin Care, I noticed with myself, before I used to wear makeup everyday my skin was okay. I didn’t have a strict skin care regime and only used a standard face wash and moisturiser.

Be aware, this is a longggg blog!

I didn’t know what serum or cleansing and toning all meant and I was completely clueless! I started make up whilst at University, I’d dabble in different eye shadows and had one blusher (I know, shock horror!) Although I never used concealer and had no idea what contouring was.

Then came the wonderful world of Social Media… there were videos of all sorts of things, self taught, trained artists, everything! So I did a course because although my mum used to be a beautician, things had changed a lot.

Anyway, the point I am making is that, there was so much more to learn, to put onto my skin. I noticed when I started wearing more make up, obviously my skin started to suffer. It also got worse when I left beautiful sunny Ibiza, where I had a large intake of Vitamin D. Coming back to the UK, the weather and heating sucked out everything from my sunkissed glowy skin.

Already dealing with sensitive skin, nothing worked to calm my skin down. I had breakouts and blemishes, suffered from all sorts until I found my holy grail…(ahhhh-the Godly sound)

I was introduced to Neals Yard Remedies, (my dad used to take Homeopathic medication from there and I will link a contact of my friend who is a consultant) cruelty free, organic, 98% natural products, made in the UK, ethical, carbon neutral and sustainable. What more could I ask for?! For it to work on my skin!

Picture taken from Neals Yard Remedies website


As my skin was all over the place, I decided to try the sensitive range

A light cleansing milk, facial mist (toner) and daily moisturiser.

The cleanser takes off make up really well! A light non greasy formula, rub into the skin and wipe off. Then spray the mist, really refreshing and settles any irritation. The moisturiser was really hydrating, I felt that it was a little too much for my skin but continued with it just to get my skin used to it.

This is my face in November/December when I started using it (don’t mind the silly face) you can see the clogged pores, spots and all sorts!

No skin care – Oily, spot and blemish prone skin

Neals Yard really helped soothe and calm down my crazy skin so that I could exfoliate without it being detrimental to my skin. However, I found my T Zone became more greasy (I have a combination sensitive skin mix, the best kind!) I decided to opt for the combination skin range.

A face wash, toner and moisturiser. Now this I was really impressed with! Using for around 2/3weeks I noticed the mattifying results on my skin! My zone was controlled without drying the rest of my skin, it felt smoother and my make up application was superb!

The price isn’t bad at all, a little goes a long way! So considering it’s cruelty free, vegan and all the price is actually amazing compared to other products in the market.

The other product I’ve introduced as well as Neals Yard is Lush Cosmetics. Again a natural and cruelty free range with my all time fav being the Ultra Bland cleanser

I cannot explain how much this is needed if you wear make up everyday! It literally lifts everything off and I know some more well known YouTube-ers have spoken about this. You rub it into wet skin (I usually do this after face wash) then remove it with damp cotton pads. It leaves a film of moisture on your skin! I do this in the evening so I don’t have to put on any oils or serums.

Not only did I find all this cruelty free natural products, I also introduced a face cleansing ‘brush’ into my skin care. Now after reading reviews about how good brushes like Clarsonic and Foreo it was hard to decide (not mentioning the price of some of them!). So I did a bit of research and opted for a slightly cheaper make of the Foreo called the Quitmat (Amazon £14.99) I personally love it! It gently exfoliates your skin and keeps it soft and smooth.


So after all this, this is my skin now after three months of just these things!

No make up, just cleansed – No dryness or excessive oiliness, no spots or blemishes! RESULT!

That’s my skin care regime! If you want to try out Neals Yard Remedies speak to Nicky Pai (Facebook page link) who will be more than happy to help! Check out her page too!

Let me know if you have any amazing products that you use

Sending love

Billie x X x