Crystal Gold Collagen Eye Masks – Do they work?

Crystal Gold Collagen Eye Masks – Do they really work?

Do these gold collagen eye masks really work? Now some of you (like me) have really bad under eyes, tired looking,  wrinkles, dark circles and not bags but carry a whole lot of luggage! It doesn’t help when I try and cover them up using make up because I end up making them look worse and what I call ‘Elephant Skin’ – (Another blog how to try and combat the dreaded elephant skin eyes is coming soon!)

There are so many different tips and trends out to help combat some of the issues, but here are the gold collagen eye masks (below). I have sensitive skin that can break out when I used new things or too many different products. But this says suitable for all skin types. It does say powder on the actual package, but I haven’t found any powder.


They don’t have any ingredients but do claim to be 100% natural, high in molecular plant collagen with colloidal gold (basically its has teeny weeny gold particles in collagen made by plants). There are loads of benefits such as being organic, rejuvenation, anti wrinkle/ageing, hydrating, firming, skin tone balancing and more! From only £5.99 for a pack of 10 on Amazon, sold by Infinitive Beauty – it seems amazing and too good to be true! So let’s put it to the test…

Here is the before: As you can see (No makeup!) but dark circles, “luggage” and its not very clear, but bad wrinkles… I just cleaned my under eyes with warm water


As you can see from the first picture, the product is packed tightly which means there is no excess liquid. The actual masks are very flexible, but be careful if you have long nails because they are fragile and might tear. The fit under the eye with ease and there’s no worry that it will fall off. It’s hard to describe the consistency but they are not sticky, yet they stick to your skin. They mould to your face and they feel amazingly cold and refreshing!


On the package it states to keep them on for 15-20 minutes, however because I was loving the feel of them I did just keep them on longer and went about my business.

So the verdict…?


I love these eye masks! I really saw a difference, now they aren’t miracle workers but I definitely saw an improvement in the colour and ‘luggage’. They felt refreshing, there was no residue or anything left on the skin, although they do say to clean with warm water after, I didn’t feel to. The masks can only be used once but I would recommend them. They stayed like this for about 12 hours, so the effects were relatively long lasting. I try and do these once a week just so my eyes are hydrated and plump for when I apply makeup too.

PLEASE NOTE – I am not being sponsored or paid to review these eye masks.

Has anyone else tried these masks? What did you think of them? Are there any other masks that you would recommend? Any other q’s, drop your thoughts in the comments below 😉

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