TK Maxx – My new found love!

So I found my new love the other day! I went into TK Maxx, as my mum was browsing, I thought I would check out the make up. I used to be into nails and so I knew they had great things for nails, but I was in for this amazing new find… I never actually knew how many different brands they store, they have Nars, Iman, Cargo Cosmetics, Dior, Laura Mercier, New Cid to name a few! And the products they have are not always from last season!

I used to think TK Maxx had old products etc, but to my amazement I found Nars eye shadow “Tropic” not only in TK Maxx, but on the Nars counter for a fraction of the price!

Now I know they don’t have everything new and some products are in bad condition, but if you pick up a bargain, you’re smiling!! Especially if you’re a make up junkie like me!!

So that’s my UK find, what’s yours?  Leave your comments below 🙂

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