Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The terms and conditions are based on a full agreement between you, the client and your make-up artist. It is your responsibility to understand, agree and accept all booking conditions outlined below. By signing these terms and conditions, you accept this as a legal contract.

    All trials and booking are provisional until the deposit has been paid.


    a. The client must pay a 10% deposit of the total cost within 14days of booking. Failure to do so could result in your booking being cancelled.

    b. Once deposit is received, a confirmation invoice will be sent out. It will have a breakdown of costs and when it is required.

    c. Deposits can be paid via Pay Pal, Bank Transfer or Cash.

    2. TRIALS

    a. We advise trials 6-12 weeks before your wedding. If your chosen look or style does not work on the day we cannot accept responsibility.

    b. If you require a second trial this will incur additional charges.

    c. Where there is an uncooperative client, we reserve the right to cancel a booking. Please note this could incur a cancellation fee if products for the trial have been purchased. A breakdown invoice will be sent.

    d. It is advised that you purchase your own lip products for touch-ups on the day.


    a. A 10-mile radius from UB5 will be free of charge for the trial and wedding. Anything outside of this will be charged at 40p per mile. For example, UB5 to SE19 is around 18 miles. 10 miles will be free, 8 miles x 2 (roundtrip) = 16miles which will be £6.40.

    b. Congestion Charge, parking and any accommodation (where it is decided travelling at the hours required will not work) is payable by the client and will be included in the invoice.


    a. In the event you have to cancel or reduce the number of your party for makeup, it will incur a cancellation fee, which will be a percentage of the outstanding balance -

    i. Two months prior to the wedding = 10% cancellation fee plus any additional products bought for the client

    ii. One month and within, prior to the wedding = 20% cancellation fee plus any additional products bought for the client

    b. Cancellations must be a written form of communication due to auditing.

    c. If we are unable to attend on the day, we will find a replacement. Failing that we will refund you the full amount.


    a. Please notify us of any allergies or reactions. If no allergies are stated, we cannot be held liable for any damages or costs.

    b. Please ensure that the environment we work in is suitable with adequate lighting, electricity and hand washing facilities.

    c. Time is important. Please make sure times are adhered to.

    d. We reserve the right to use any such images we have taken on social networking sites and also on our website for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for your images to be used, please state.