Facial Piercings – Still an issue?

Facial piercings still an issue for Make up artist industry as an employee

Facial piercings have always been a problematic subject and still hold the stereotypical views. Some people are quick to judge someone who has multiple facial piercings as opposed to someone who does not.

This is personal to me, as a make up artist I love to embrace individuality and find make up a way of doing that too. I have a nose and a lip piercing that I love but what I have found is that a lot of companies and clients think piercings give off the wrong message!

Now it’s really irritating, because as a make up brand, cosmetics are used to change the customers face, so what is so bad about piercings? Is that also not a way of changing a face and in some peoples opinions (mine especially), enhancing certain features? A piercing usually contains some sort of shiny stone, like a diamond or cubic ziconia, yet sticky diamontes and glitter is used to create that same effect… what’s the ultimate difference? What if instead of a piercing, a sticky stone was used on the face, that would be allowed but a hole is a whole different matter.

I’ve applied for so many counter jobs and with agencies and each time they all say the same thing – “The client says no facial piercings… Can you not take them out?… Or take them out just for the day?… We cannot offer you the role or job due to your facial piercings.” Yet when questioned, these brands cannot provide any answer as to why it is unaccepted! If you’re not willing to allow simple facial piercings, why should I take mine out? It was so bad I even had to offer to cover mine up using liquid latex once (SFX makeup – but that’s another blog)! Now that, thinking about it, was quite ridiculous (it was for a Halloween event, so you would’ve thought it would go with the theme!)

I Googled for days and still could not find anything except, brand image. Well brand image, does that mean your cosmetics are not for anyone who has piercings? Because if that’s the case then that is discrimination. If a lot of other things are accepted, what’s so bad about cute little nose or lip studs? It does not affect my work or ability to perform, nor does it hurt any potential customers. Yet these stereotypical views are present in today’s industry, which makes me sad.

Because of the whole stigma originally attached to piercings, its difficult for people like me, who is a hard and competent worker, to get a job because of some brand or clients ideologies which don’t make sense.

So, with that rant over, what do you think about facial piercings and working on a make up counter? Do you prefer creative, funky and quirky or simple, elegant and (what I think) boring kind of looks? Do you think my piercings are offensive, or facial piercings in general?

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, especially those MUA’s who know what I mean!

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  • Thing is, piercings have traditionally been a cultural decor piece, the Indian culture is big on nose peircing, tribal women are considered more beautiful with various facial piercings, why do we find it so difficult to accept? In a world where we are meant to be more acceptable of each other and various “equal opportunities” laws are in place, we still continue to live in a closed world

    • Amen Sister! It’s so unfair, the other day I did a job with a company who said facial piercings aren’t accepted yet on their Youtube tutorials, all the make up artists had some sort of facial piercings!

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